Digital Readiness Assessment

Why readiness assessment?

Before you embark on your Digital Transformation journey, you may want to know how ready and mature is your organization for undertaking this journey and to know if you need to fill any gaps before embarking on the journey. The gaps may be at various levels viz. skills, culture, technology landscape, processes etc. We also need to assess the level and type of resistance to change so that an effective change management strategy can be worked out.

What our team does:

We carry out Digital Readiness Assessment of the client organization by evaluating existing business along multiple dimensions including people, operations, culture, processes, information systems etc.

Typical Duration:

2 to 4 Weeks. Depends on the size and complexity of the organization.

 Expected Outcomes:

This exercise would yield a Digital Readiness Report and Scorecard which would provide a score of the organization readiness across each of the various dimensions assessed, the gaps that need to be filled and an Overall Digital Readiness Score that indicates the level of organization readiness to embark on a Digital Transformation journey.

Let us help you assess your readiness for Digital Transformation