Digital Appreciation Workshop

Why this workshop?

The digital world has seen massive and rapid changes in the recent years. It has caused disruption in many industries and businesses and is leading to massive changes with far reaching implications in many more. It is not easy for anybody, let alone super busy Executive Team, to keep track of developments in the digital space. This workshop is meant for the Executive Team to gain a basic understanding of these developments and get an external expert perspective of the digital world.

What our team does:

We have two formats for the workshops – one is half day and the other is full day. In the half day workshop, we provide a bird’s eye view of the Digital World and discuss the implications of changes in the digital world for the business.  In the full day workshop, we elaborate on digital technologies and their implications a bit more and also discuss case studies of digital disruption.

Typical Duration:

Two formats – 4 hours and 8 hours

Expected Outcomes:

At the end of the workshop, the participants would have gained a high level understanding of digital technologies and their implications for the business including business models, business strategies, organization, processes etc.

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